Small March Box Music

103rd Calvary Roundy
103rd Infantry (x2 boxes) Roundy
103rd Infantry March (x3 boxes) Roundy
127th Infantry March, The Prindl
20th Century Band March Cill
Adoration March Miller
Alexander’s Rag Time Band I. Berlin M.L. Lake
Algerin R.B. Hall
America for Americans Praetorius
American Bugler, The M.L.Lake
American Cadet March R.B. Hall
American Eagle March Boehme
American Legion March M. Wilson
American Veteran’s March Rosenkrans
Anchors Aweigh Miles, Zimmerman G. Briegel
Anchors Aweigh P. Yoder
Army Air Corps, The Crawford
Army Blue Brinsmead
Around the World Young Reed
Aurora H. Fillmore
Aurora (large box)
Barnum and Bailey’s Favorites K.L. King
Barnun and Bailey’s Favorites (large box)
Battle Hymn of the Republic, The J.W. Howe J. Lee
Beer Barrel Polka Brown, Timm, Vivoda G. F. Briegel
Big Joe, the Tuba P. LaValle
Bill Bailey Van Auken
Billboard March, The J.N. Klohr
Booster, The M.L. Lake
Brasillia Wechter
Brook’s Chicago  Marine Band March Seitz
Cadets on Parade J.J. Richards
Caesar’s Triumphal March Mitchell
Call of America Cobbett
Call of Freedom Mitchell Barnes
Carillon Hildreth
Ceremonial” Ruffle and Flourishes”/Flag Officer’s March W.H. Santleman
Chicago Tribune Chambers Roberts
Circus Spectacular H. L. Walters
Cities Service March Bourdon
Col. Fitch March R.B. Hall
Colonel Bogey Alford
Darktown Strutter’s Ball
E Pluribus Unum Jewell
El Capitan J.P. Sousa
Fascinating Rhythm
Festival Parade March, The
Festival Parade March, The J. Enck
Four Square
Front Sections
Georgia Jade R.B. Hall
Glory of the Yankees Navy, The J.S. Sousa
Green Berets, The B. Sadler,R. Moore J.Warrington
Greetings to Bangor, Col. Philbrook March     R.B. Hall
Happy Wanderer, The
High School Cadets, The J.P. Sousa
Honor Band Weber
I Believe Ramin
Independentia R.B. Hall Walters
Iron King, The St. Clair Reeves
King Cotton J.P. Sousa
Klaxon, The H. Fillmore
Lassus Trombone H. Fillmore
Lassus Trombone H. Fillmore
Laurentian March, The
Lights Out E.E. McCur
Lisbon Antigua H. Leonard
Little Giant, The
Look Sharp Mach
M.H.A. March
MacNamara’s Band J.J. Stampford S. O’Connor
Maine Capitol Chase
Manhattan Beach J.P. Sousa Walters
March America Miller
March Dallas
March Richmond J. Missud
March W.M.B. R.B. Hall
Maria Elena L. Barcelata G. F. Briegel
Marine’s hymn, The P. Yoder
Men of Ohio H. Fillmore
Military Escort Bennett
Mon Ami
More Ortolani
Music to Watch the Girl’s Go By
Musical Youth March J. Enck
My Buddy Donaldson
National Honor Harlin
National Spirit March S.E. Hummel H.O. Henneman
Naval Parade, The Allen
NC-4 March, The Bigelow
New Colonial, The R.B. Hall
New Colonial, The R.B. Hall
New England Polka Willis
Notre Dame Victory March J.F. Shea Rev. M.J. Shea
Officer of the Day R.B. Hall
Oh, Wisconsin Purdy
On Parade March Goldman
On the Hudson
On the Mall Goldman M.L. Lake
On the Square Panella
On Wisconsin W.T. Purdy P. Yoder
Our Director Bigelow Hildreth
Our Flirtation J.P. Sousa
Our Flirtations J.P. Sousa
Perfect Day, A. solo C. Jacobs Bond
Poor People of Paris, The Monnot
Porter’s Catalina Band Dwight Mc Caughey
Quaboag R.B. Hall
River Kwai, The C. Malcom Arnold E. Osterling
Rosalie Porter
Royal Airforce March (large box)
Royal Airforce March Past Davies
Serenade ” In the Moonlight: baritone solo
Seventy Six Trombones M. Wilson Lang
Shoutin’ Liza Trombone H. Fillmore
Song of the Seabees, The Lewis
Song of the Seabees, The
Sons of Australia A. Lithgow
Southerner, The Alexander
Squealer, The Huff
Star Spangled Banner/ America Smith Carey
Stars and Stripes Forever, The J.P. Sousa
State of Maine Song Madden
Steady Boys Theile
Sweet Georgia Brown Bernie
Swing Down the Line Brockenshire
Teddy Trombone H. Fillmore
Them Basses Huffire
Thunder and Blazes Fucik Laurendeau
Thunderer, The J.P. Sousa
Tiger Rag P. Yoder
Trombone Blues Jewell
Turkish March Beethoven Hildreth
U.S. Airforce (taken from Army Air Corps) 2 ver. Blue, yellow, red folders
U.S. Field Artillery March, The J.P. Sousa M.L. Lake
V.F.W. Goldman Leidzen
Washington Post March, The J.P. Sousa
West point March, The official Egner
When Yuba Plays the Rumba on the Tuba Hupfield Conrad
When Yuba Plays the Rumba on the Tuba Hupfield Conrad
Winchester Catherdral Stephens Neuwirth
Wizard of the West